Summer 2023 trip : New-York, Washington et Montréal

French Version

1) Introduction to our Trip: The Triggering Event

My name is Pascal, and I have a son who is studying Robotics.
As part of his studies, he has the opportunity to do an internship from June to September 2023 in Montreal.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to visit him with my wife and daughter.

2) Choosing the dates: July and August 2023

Before meeting my son in Montreal, I decided to leave a bit earlier to visit two major American cities.
I'll be visiting New York and Washington D.C. on my own, and then I'll join my wife and daughter in Montreal.

To visit these cities, we need to think about accommodation, and for that, I have come up with an original solution: a culinary/accommodation exchange. I would like to propose the following deal to two American families:

Before we delve deeper into the organization of this trip, let's take a quick break to discuss the recipes I could propose.

3) The Recipes

I will provide 4 different recipes, from which the first family will make a selection, in agreement with the second family who may be invited to the meal.

Carbonade flamande: a traditional dish in Flemish cuisine, originating from Belgium and Northern France.

Next, here are 4 desserts from which the second family will make a selection in agreement with the first family who may be invited to the tasting:

Clafoutis: a traditional French dessert originating from Limousin, made with fruits (usually cherries), eggs, flour, milk, and sugar.

4) Exchange: cooking/accommodation

This choice was motivated by multiple reasons:

I have asked for two days in each family, and I am aware that it is a lot; in return, I will go beyond these two recipes. Depending on the chosen dish, I will see if I can bring a bottle of wine that will go with the chosen dish. It should be noted that we live in the region of Bordeaux, renowned for the hundreds of wines it produces. As for desserts, they can go with sweet wines, such as Montbasillac (Dordogne), of which I have a few bottles in my cellar and which I would be happy to share.

It is obviously not mandatory for all members of a family to be interested in this exchange, and I will not take offense. I have also considered that some people may be allergic to certain products. So, if you click on each of the images, a window should appear and give you the list of ingredients needed to make it. So, please take this important criterion into account in the choice you will make.

5) How did I contact you and how can you contact us?

For each of the cities, I searched for associations of retired people with various activities in these associations. Why retirees? Simply because it will be easier for you to come and pick me up and also to meet on Monday afternoon to make and taste the dessert.

I took two different associations hoping to multiply the chances that they would accept to pass on this exchange to their members. This means that you may be in competition with members of your own association and those of the other association.

To contact me, I have created email addresses that will be used specifically for this exchange: and

6) Taking COVID very seriously

It's important to know that I've taken this virus very seriously and have received the vaccinations to fight against it (5 doses for myself). I haven't caught it and I hope it stays that way. During this exchange, we won't be paranoid, but we will maintain our distance and refrain from embracing at the end of our meetings, even if we have, hopefully, formed good friendly relationships.

7) Your turn to take action

I've been quite talkative and I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with all these explanations. Families who are interested in this exchange can contact me, and as soon as I have specific dates based on the airline tickets (Paris - New York), train tickets (New York - Washington), and finally flight tickets (Washington - Montreal), we'll keep you informed.

Signed, Pascal BORIES