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Welcome to this Unreal Engine aera !

This one is dedicated to games that will be made with the Unreal Engine software. I know I would have different audiences that will happen here.
So I will speak to you at first according to this postulate and answer the following question: What is Unreal Engine ?

- For those who do not know anything about computer and video games

Unreal Engine is a free and powerful software that allows you to create games on PC and phones. No need to know more, and for you who are part of this category, I will invite you :

  • to watch the videos I have put on Youtube - DoLikeThem and who will present these games, without entering technical details,
  • à donner votre avis sur ces réalisations dans les forums accessibles ci-dessous. Tout avis et bon à prendre et je serais ravis de répondre à toutes vos questions.

/!\ Bien lire ce que j'explique ci-dessous sur ma chaîne Youtube, notamment la date d'ouverture et ce que vous pourrez y trouver.

- For those who simply play, without having any notions of programming, graphics, etc.

Unreal Engine is a free software that can also offer you free games !

I feel that I have just drawn your attention ... and yes you may have heard about it, to get these free games just you just have to :

  • Register with your email address on the unreal Engine website
  • Download the Launcher of Epic Game and consult it regularly to have the free games they offer every month

There would be a lot to say about Epic Game, especially that they have developed with Unreal Ungine a very well-known game : Fortnite.

For you, public players, I will invite you :
  • to watch the videos I have put on Youtube - DoLikeThem,
  • As you will inevitably have a more critical eye, give an expert opinion in the forums below.

/!\ Read what I explain below on my YouTube channel, including the opening date and what you can find there.

- For those who are Developers, 3D Graphic Designers, Animators, etc ...

As you have seen in this last sentence, I'm talking about us ... and because because I'm in the Developer category.

In this category of computer skills I will invite you to :

  • To regularly view the videos I have put on YouTube, even if I will not address technical details, it will allow you to see what I can do as developer;
  • To register in the forum below by putting in your signature your specialty. Examples : 2022 - Student: 4th year Character Artist, since 2018 Self-contractor: specialized in 2D graphics.

Current project : Creating an Open World

Acteurs : Pascal, Unreal Engine Developer. I am currently alone, but as you have noticed there is an s to Actors.

This game will be made under Unreal Engine 5.0.0

Vers. 1 - Alpha 0.1 Publication date : May 2022

Vers. 2 - Alpha 0.2 Publication date : June/July 2022

Specifications :

  • Creation of the project,
  • You can choose between two universes for the following version :
    • desert universe, as Dune
    • forest universe, like Avatar
NB: For those who are not passionate about science fiction movies, I have given you a presentation link of these films which correspond to each of these universes.

Specifications :

  • Presentation of the universe that will have been chosen,
  • Search for a Unreal Engine Server so that you can go to this universe,
  • Another choice will be proposed according to what you have indicated in the first version.

You can find the result of these versions on my Youtube channel. By adding a response to these videos you will be able to guide the development of the following versions. It's up to you: Go to the DoLikeThem channel, watch and vote!

Youtube - First video scheduled for May 2022

I plan to publish videos from May 2022, with a frequency of one per month. It's very little I admit, but as I have many other activities I prefer to stay on the essentials and do it only when I really have things to say.

Link Youtube - DoLikeThem : for now... just the skeleton, first video planned May 2022 !